flavor of the day: Cookie Dough Ice Cream BallsWe love us some cookie dough ice cream. Our only complaint, however, is the lackluster cookie dough to ice cream ratio. Don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to pick through a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough to extract out all of the dough, leaving just the ice cream for my comrades. Taking matters into our own hands and crafted these bad boys for Brit & Co this week.  

milkmade flavor of the day: Root Beer Floattwo parts root beer ice cream, one part vanilla


One of the most iconic cookies is now in a cupcake! Frosted circus animal cookies are chopped up and baked into the batter so you get the hunks of melted frosting and cookies and sprinkles spread throughout the cake like an epic version of funfetti.
Here’s the recipe!


MILKMADE FLAVORS OF THE MONTH: JUNE 2012Just keeping you posted on what we’re sharing with our members this month.  Grady’s Manhattancold brew coffee infused manhattan cocktail ice creamCome summer in New York, coffee just won’t do anymore. It’s all about iced coffee. And after having our first cup of Grady’s Cold Brew last month, no other iced coffee would do anymore. It is all about Grady’s.THEN - we discovered the Grady’s Manhattan at a local Brooklyn bar. A Manhattan cocktail with a shot of Grady’s Cold Brew coffee. And now no other Manhattan will do! To share this with you in MilkMade style, we’ve teamed up with two amazing groups of dudes based out of Brooklyn - Grady’s Cold Brew for our coffee, and Kings County Distillery for our whiskey. We top off each pint with a brandied cherry. 
Tom Collinslemon and gin Tom Collins ice cream with a raspberry garnishThe Tom Collins is my very favorite summertime drink. It’s simple, smooth, refreshing, and, best of all, accompanied by a fascinating history.  See back in 1874 there was a little hoax going around New York, and it went a little something like this - “Have you seen Tom Collins? He is talking about you in a very rough manner - calling you hard names..” People went racing about town looking for the libelous Tom Collins, who was often reported to be at the local down the street. Bartenders caught on and began serving a Tom Collins drink - gin, simple syrup, soda water, lemon. The drink became so popular that not only did it even have its own glass, it is reported to have caused a lemon shortage in in New York in summer 1936.
We’re making ours with gin from local distillers New York Distilling Co and a raspberry garnish.